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What My Clients Are Saying

Solid knowledge and compassion – that’s what you get when you see Jennifer Parmenter for NMT. I began seeing Jennifer for shoulder and neck pain. After a thorough examination Jennifer was able to identify the source of my pain and treat it in a way that truly gave me relief. Now I continue on a preventative basis.

I have been so impressed with Jennifer’s knowledge of how the muscles and ligaments work and her ability to pinpoint the sources of my discomfort – the source is not necessarily in the same place as my pain! I always feel completely comfortable during treatment because I know I am in the hands of a consummate professional. I credit Jennifer for allowing me to continue my vigorous yoga practice despite injuries!V.Z.

I was referred to Jennifer several years ago by my PCP for a chronic painful hip. I feared surgery and long-term problems. Well, neither happened and all due to Jennifer’s amazing skill in myofascial body work. Jennifer knows every muscle, tendon, joint and how they all connect! She is incredibly knowledgeable and a good educator.

I have learned so much about self-care (so important) and referred pain (very enlightening). Regular visits to Jennifer keep me feeling healthy and confident that problems can be quickly understood and pain relieved. Jennifer is the best! I don’t understand why more people don’t use myofascial therapists!L.F.

After being diagnosed with fibromyalgia and trying several medications, all without success, I went to see Jennifer. She changed my life. Her overall approach to healing helped me day-to-day but also long-term. She gave me the tools I needed in order to manage the ups and downs of the disease and helped me get my life back!I.B.

Over the past five years, Jennifer has provided me with treatment that has greatly enhanced my recovery and rehabilitation from two knee replacements. She has also supported my preparation for a recent hip replacement surgery.She is an excellent listener and a thoughtful practitioner who uses many different approaches to help relieve pain and neuromuscular dysfunction. I have counted on her treatments to keep me comfortable, physically strong and active, and at age 77, still able to enjoy playdates with my grandchildren.E.A.

I have myofascial pain syndrome in my neck, and upper back. I’ve had a lot of different practitioners perform different types of body work on me over the years. Jennifer’s work is by far the most effective treatment I’ve received so far. My neck and shoulders have a wider range of motion, and I don’t feel nearly the amount of nagging pain as I used to. She also showed me how to treat myself in between appointments, which has really been helpful during the pandemic. As a result of all her work, my body feels 20 years younger!T.M.

I have been a loyal client since 2017. Following shoulder surgery my recovery progress was slow so my physical therapist strongly encouraged me to see Jennifer. It’s one of the best decisions I could have made. After just a few visits my range of motion increased and I experienced significantly less pain. Jennifer not only focused on my areas of concern but also took the time to provide self-care techniques, which I still continue to use at home. I regularly see Jennifer to proactively avoid injuries and to help me recover from tough workouts.C.G.

I came to Jen Parmenter not knowing anything about neuromuscular therapy and perhaps also a little wary – as I had had quad and lower back issues for years. Upon recommendation of an orthopedist, I went to Jen for treatment and learned among other things that indeed you can teach an old dog new tricks.

Jen worked wonders with my glutes and then on to the legs, back, and turns out practically every other muscle in my body – and along the way spent significant amounts of time explaining what is connected to what and how it is that pain in one area may well be a “referral” from another body part! This combination of massaging and explaining has been so helpful in terms of learning how to take better care of myself.

Jen is terrific as a healer and as an explainer and I recommend her highly.Old Dog John

I have been benefiting from Jennifer’s expertise in Trigger Point Massage for 5+ years now. Consistent appointments have kept me running, hiking, biking and weight training all while dealing with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I will be able to continue being active for many years to come ​with what I have learned from Jennifer about my body and how to take care of it.M.L.