COVID-19: Click here to see the latest updates and policies.

COVID-19 Policies and Procedures

Greetings. My practice is open and I am now accepting new patients. If you would like to book, you may either email me, or fill out the form on Make an Appointment and I will respond to your inquiry. 

We have worked diligently to implement a plan to create a safe environment for your appointment at the clinic. This includes the use of PPE (personal protective equipment), social distancing protocols, stringent Universal Hygiene Plus  procedures, surgical or K/N95 masks worn by all patients for the duration of their office visit, more time in between appointments to clean and disinfect the office, and a sophisticated air filtration system with UV. Please keep in mind that we can only mitigate the risk of transmission of Covid-19, not eliminate it. Therefore it is essential that you feel comfortable accepting there will be some level of risk by coming into the clinic. 

Here are the specifics:

  • Covid-19 Screening Questions: You will receive a Covid Screening Questionnaire via email 24 hours prior to your appointment.  Even if you do not feel sick, but have any of the symptoms listed, we will reschedule your appointment. 
  • Masks: Please wear a new surgical or K/N95 mask to your appointment. If you don’t have one, I will have one for you. You will need to wear this for the duration of your appointment.
  • Arrival for your appointment: Please text me when you arrive to 203 Arlington Street and then wait in your car until I text you to come up to the office. 617-962-2002
  • Hand washing: I will ask you to wash your hands in the bathroom before coming into the clinic. Hand sanitizer is available throughout the office suite.
  • Social Distancing: Appointments in the clinic will be staggered as best we can to provide maximum social distancing. 
  • Universal Hygiene Precautions Plus: Extra time will be added between appointments to allow time for thoroughly sanitizing the office and adding fresh air to the room in between every patient.
  • Air circulation and filtration: We have four specialized True Hepa Filter air purifiers with UV light running continuously in the office. These filter all of the air in the room four times per hour.
  • Payment: Credit cards and cash are accepted for payment, 
  • Rate: My rate is $135 for a 60 minute session, $170 for a 75 minute intake appointment for new patients
  • Appointment Length: Appointments are 60 minutes with the exception of new patient intake appointments which are 75 minutes.
  • Water: Since you will need to keep your mask on for the duration of your visit, our water cooler is unavailable at this time. Please hydrate prior to your visit and leave your water bottle in the car. Thank you for understanding.
  • Release: By coming in for an appointment, you release Jennifer Parmenter, Erika Bourne and Myofascial Pain Treatment Center, LLC from any and all liability for any exposure to COVID-19.​